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Assignment two: Research Paper

Sports in Hong Kong

To: Warren Schwartz

From: CHONG Man Yi, Mandy

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Distribution Date: 10 April 2014

In 2013 Policy Address, it is described that Hong Kong government can further promote sports in the neighborhood by building new sports facilities and building up elite sports. The dogged determination to jockey for an international placement is one of the shows of the Insurance plan Address. Past dispute, support from the community result in the outstanding performance in London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Nevertheless, in the scenario of taking heavy monetary burden, Hong Kong has to review and reframe the insurance plan for sports development, not only to improve public welfare, but likewise to reduce medical burden along with the aging population. Therefore , this paper will need account in the disagreement of further sports development with explanation, follow by good arguments to illustrate that Hong Kong should place a bigger priority upon sports in order to face eager competition to nations.

It can be contend that sports participation of Hong Kong citizens is actually low. In accordance to a research, " Agency Study about Sports for all those – Contribution Pattern of Hong Kong in Physical Activities” published last year by Community Sports Panel of the Sports Commission, 39. 1 % of Hong Kong citizens aged 7 or perhaps above participate once to twice weekly. The result shows the trend of deficient of popularity of sports among Hong Kong people. Consequently, athletics development probably should not consider while the entender of long term blueprint pertaining to Hong Kong. Yet, a survey from CUHK, " Romance between Physical exercise Pattern and Emotional Health among Hong Kong People” in 2003 revealed that sports contribution has the effect in promoting good health, as well as enhancing the quality of life. Notably, physical exercise and public health are tightly related, and thus Hong Kong must not act with disregard to get the development of sports activities. Therefore , Hk should definitely place a higher goal on athletics to motivate citizens to be physical lively and maintain health status.

Eventually, some people argue that the resources distributed should meet the most very important needs with the community, including economic advancement to casing, and coming from poverty to medical solutions. To specific extent, sports activities development is usually not the concern of Hong Kong when out-do other interpersonal affairs. Although the budget and resources of government need to be smartly allotted, a paper from Hong Kong Elite Athlete Connection issued in 2005, namely " Hong Kong Elite Players: Roles and Needs”, reported that Hk athletes have achieved spectacular results in recent years and the medalist even turning into the role models for youth and successfully gathering people's focus, for example Shelter Wai-sze, whom won a gold steel in 2012 London, uk Olympic Games. It truly is reported a total of 210 rare metal metals were gained from National, Asian and Foreign Championships, having a significant rise of 2185% over the past ten years. Therefore , the sustain progress in showing off achievement expose the competiveness of Hk sports in national market. Hence, it can be believed that placing a bigger priority in sports is helpful to promote high performance athletics in Hong Kong, and jinete for a higher position in sporting field. Another common disagreement of further sports activities development is usually insufficient terrain supply in Hong Kong. Within the circumstance of land scarcity, it smothered many possibilities for entrepreneurship and limited our social and overall economy development. Even now, according to 2013 Plan Address, Hk Sports Start (HKSI) is created and redeveloped, and...

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