Essay regarding Understand the Selection of Individuals with dementia plus the Importance of Introduction

1 . 1 . i SELECTION

Diversity means difference. It truly is about realizing the different demands and tastes of an person and receiving them. This might be related to all their culture and personality or perhaps their tastes. As well as various other factors. We all differ. 1 . 1 ) ii ANTI-DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICE

Never to discriminate against someone with regards to race, disability, gender, faith, sexual alignment and grow older. 1 . 1 ) iii ANTI-OPPRESSIVE PRACTICE

In social care you need to take a great anti oppressive approach. You cannot try and make someone perform what you want since it's easier for you. If the resident would like to take a step you can suggest but you can not make them carry out what you want because you will be in a stronger position. 1 . 2 Explain why it is vital to recognize and respect a persons heritage Just about every resident ought to be treated with the same admiration they would deserve if we were holding not in care. They must be treated as though they may do things for themselves. Carers are there to assist the resident. Their very own customs and religious techniques are very vital that you them. This defines who they are. Some just like their diet needs achieved regarding not wanting to eat pork etc . Some will not likely accept blood transfusions. We need to honor their particular wishes for the best of the ability. 1 . 3 Identify why an individual with dementia may be subjected to discrimination and oppression A resident who have dementia might not be able to keep in mind her tastes so the down to the carer to learn. For example in the event the resident is Muslim after that her religious beliefs means she doesn't eat chicken. It is into the carer to esteem this and not simply take on the attitude of " it doesn't matter” 1 ) 4 Describe how elegance and oppressive practice may be challenged As a carer easily was to see a colleague discriminate against a resident, to begin with I would focus on the residents preferences and point out what they are doing can be wrong. In case the carer was still being to carry on We would bring it towards the...