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Four and Five Get ready to go for Life

The Dudley Grant Memorial Trust in collaboration with the Ministry of Education plus the Early Child years Commission


The Jamaica Early The child years Curriculum Information: Four and Five Getting Ready for Life Printed by The Dudley Grant Funeral Trust, five Gibraltar Camp Road, School of the Western world Indies Cogorza Campus, Kingston 7, Jamaica W. We. Copyright В© 2010 the Dudley Scholarhip Memorial Trust All privileges reserved

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Financial support for this task was given by the Ministry of Education, Jamaica; the CHASE Fund; UNICEF; as well as the Social Issue and Legal Reform Project in Jamaica.




Acknowledgements Introduction Program Guides – Four-Year-Olds Developing Objectives term One Partying Me Festivities Plants Transport People in Our Community People in Our Community

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Developing Objectives - Term Two

Developmental Objectives term Three

Program Guides – Five-Year-Olds Developmental Objectives - Term One Appendix Our Region Jamaica: The People The Country Jamaica: Our People Transportation Sports Jamaica Land We Love The Weather 121 127 139 153 164 171 183 189 205 215

Developmental Objectives - Term Two

Developmental Objectives term Three



The Dudley Offer Memorial Trust, as the lead complementing agency for the national Early Child years Curriculum Project, wishes to acknowledge with great gratitude the contribution and effort of all the participating individuals, teams and firms. The task included the version of the existing curriculum information for the four- and five-year-old age ranges and the development of a guide pertaining to the beginning to three-year-old age cohorts. Development of the supporting documents such as the Range and Pattern and the Conceptual Framework intended for the age-range birth to five years was the vital section of the process. Many early child years professionals have contributed to the introduction of these papers. While it would be difficult to point out everyone by brand, we must recognize some key individuals and groups who have made significant inputs in to the production with the documents. All of us acknowledge the leadership, coordination and curriculum writing efforts of Doctor Rose Revealed, Senior Lecturer at the Start of Education, University with the West Indies and key consultant to get the Project. We appreciate especially the pursuing outstanding members: › › › › › › › › Mrs. Joyce Jarrett on her vision and enormous generosity in sharing her time and experience in the revision and development of the Programs Guide Mrs. Eugena Brown for her significant contribution inside the development of the Curriculum Guideline Dr Donna Chin Fatt for her unique contribution in reviewing the Scope and Sequence doc and areas of the Program Guide Mrs. Lorna Thompson for her determination, leadership and expertise in the areas of curriculum development and numeracy Mrs. Jennifer Silvera for her dedication, contribution and expertise in regards to literacy The Education Officers and administrators in the Ministry of Education, specifically partners in the Early Childhood Resource Companies, and in early Childhood, Core Curriculum and Special Education Units The fogeys, early childhood practitioners and children who provided photographs and offered valuable reviews during the program development procedure The Early Childhood Commission; HEART/NCT-VET; Social Conflict and Legal Reform Job; UNICEF; McCam Child Creation Centre; Shortwood, Sam Sharpe and St . Joseph's Teachers' Colleges; Ministry of Wellness; PALS as well as the Barita Foundation. II

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