Chile Shale Gas Essay

1. Tips for Performing in Chile

1 . 1 General Guide

While Republic of chile is a best South American country, there exists some basic advice to follow along with when doing organization with these people: First, it is crucial to contact Chilean specialists in Spanish, at least in the 1st contacts manufactured. Chilean businesses can connect in English, and you may find that they answer you in English, even if you contacted them in Spanish. However , several companies, or maybe authorities, are unable to correspond in English and they will not consider your letter or perhaps email. The most crucial reason nevertheless, is that Chileans will prefer the gesture since courtesy, which will work in your favor1. Second, it is essential that you meet your trading partners in person. Chileans prefer meet all their business lovers face to face, and they will usually not work with anyone that they have not basically met. It can be more likely you will definitely get taken seriously when you have met the person you are communicating with. Third, Chileans can look at you as a serious business person that would like to compete inside the Chilean Market if you actually take the function to visit Republic of chile. The best way to accomplish this is by getting started with trade missions done by the government. It is important to follow-up this visits. Last, you can quotation in ALL OF US Dollars, because Chileans are more comfortable with deal in ALL OF US Dollars, and they actually like it. Do not attempt to handle Chile as a third world country. It is the case that Republic of chile is still considered a developing country, but their economy is usually stronger than average Southern region American economies and it is quite sophisticated. Likewise, do not make an attempt to bribe Chilean authorities. Unlike many other Southern American countries, Chile rates very well against corruption, and you may find yourself in problems if you make an effort to bribe. Chileans are generally honest, social, and simple going. The paper-work had to trade is usually nothing if perhaps compared to other South American countries. 1 . 2 Business Meetings in Republic of chile

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