Essay about Smart Glasses Component and Technology Markets 2014

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Smart Eyeglasses are glasses embodying the wearable computer concept and either (1) allowing visitors to see better or (2) acting while an allowing technology to get augmented fact (AR). Although currently early on of development, smart spectacles have been recognized as the next stage of mobile marketing and sales communications – a platform that could eventually replace smartphones. Though Google Glass is currently the poster child for wise glasses nowadays, there may be as many as 30 businesses offering smart glasses – or intending to do so – at the present time.

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These products differ significantly in their cost points and in intended end-user markets. They also embody completely different optical systems, human-computer cadre and program capabilities. As a result, NanoMarkets is convinced that the surge of interest in smart spectacles will bring about new business opportunities in the optical components, messfuhler and semiconductor sectors. Whilst smart glasses face a large number of challenges while commercial products, their accomplishment could imply billions of us dollars in new revenues intended for components and sub-systems makers.

Many of the new technologies will be being produced by the smart goblet firms themselves, but additional specialist businesses are emerging to provide specific optical subsystems. NanoMarkets thinks, that while the smart spectacles business grows opportunities intended for technology and components begin ups – some of them is going to grow to be huge businesses, others will fall by the wayside.

The goal of this report is to assess the key systems that will be utilized in smart spectacles and to forecasts their industrial potential in the next eight years. The report likewise predicts who the leading businesses will be with this emerging space...