Colgate Study Essay

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From a modest come from 1937, when ever hand-carts were used to distribute Colgate Dental care Cream, Colgate- Palmolive India today provides one of the widest distribution sites in India - that spans a few. 3 , 000, 000 retail outlets across the nation, of which the organization services twenty, 00, 000 outlets immediately. Below is the comparison of the retail division in 2010 and 2012:

Creating Market Consciousness:

CPIL has become able to raise the sales amount of the tooth paste and tooth powder portion by about 13 per cent making use of the following pursuits:

Adopted a strategy of new commences and an important hike in marketing spending. Targeting educational institutions to create oral awareness between children.

Launched a National Oral Health Program called " Bright Smiles, Bright Future” in association with the American indian Dental Association to distributed awareness about oral care amongst children. Focused on the health factor and portrays that with changing food behaviors more extreme care on oral healthcare needs to be taken Released specific answer oriented goods which focused on oral issues like teeth pain, gum problems, awareness etc . Colgate launched a significant awareness advertising campaign of cleaning at night employing commercials that are represented beneath:

Strong Price tag and Mass Media Promotions:

Colgate used heavily the mass media and the full spaces innovatively to promote its products. Also, it engaged the conclusion customers to try out their products and experience themselves.

Creating demand in country areas:

In order to create new demand for oral care products, CPIL has increased all their reach in rural areas. It is transforming non-users to users through various sales promotion actions such as tiny volume reasonably priced sachets, distribution of free hairbrushes, Rural Vehicle Programs, among other things, especially in countryside areas. Non-urban areas contribute to 35 % of Colgate's sales. Under picture depicts the rural industry awareness campaign by Colgate:

Using IT to enhance business operations

CPIL made investments in information technology to enhance the velocity and quality of financial systems and maximize operational performance in source chain, distribution and hrm. Supply sequence simplification

CPIL is simplifying the supply cycle system through Stock Maintain Unit (SKU) reduction. By 480 SKUs in 2001, Colgate features reduced SKUs to two hundred fifity in 2013.

Below is the summary with the different styles of toothpastes and their unique marketing mix: Product Name

Merchandise Features

Selling price

Promotion Approach


Colgate Dental Cream

All Round Tooth cavity Protection

Mint taste

Clean teeth and prevents tooth caries

Rs. 37/72/109/150

Flagship Brand of Colgate

Showcases the organization of major and how they are really prevented applying Colgate Oral Cream Conducts Regular Dental Check up camps to promote the toothpaste 100


three hundred


Colgate Total

Approved by IDA

Prevents Gingivitis and minimizes formation of plaque and tartar Rs. 52/159

Manufacturer Ambassador: Rahul Bose

Promotion using diverse various television set commercials

Stimulates Germ Increase reduces by simply 90%, therefore showing possible and tangible promotions. Exhibits Dentists inside the commercials to instills philosophy in the people 100


Colgate Noticeable White

Focuses on whitening with the teeth

Rs. 79

Brand Ambassador: Sonam Kapoor

Says 1 tone whiter the teeth in one week


Colgate Sensitive

Eases Nerve ends

Builds a protective safeguard for long-term sensitivity protection Rs. 135

Promotes two times a day brushing which will improve the sales Promises the teeth tenderness would lessen in 2-4 weeks, yet also suggests to visit the dentist in the event not so, which usually shows that the company makes practical and sensible promises. a hundred and fifty

Colgate Hypersensitive Pro Comfort

Focuses on Instant and Long lasting relief

Rs. 95

Helps bring about use of Pro Argin solution in the tooth paste which is demonstrated in the ads and thus helps the says in the item 70

Colgate Max Clean

Contains cooling...