E Choupal Essay

ITC e-Choupal an idea for upliftment of rural India

e- Choupal is a great initiative of ITC Limited (a large multi organization conglomerate in India) to link directly with non-urban farmers to get procurement of agricultural / aquaculture generate like soybeans, wheat, espresso, and prawns. e Choupal was developed to take on the problems posed by the unique features of American indian agriculture, seen as fragmented farms, weak infrastructure and the engagement of numerous intermediaries. A powerful illustration of corporate and business strategy connecting business goal to greater societal purpose, e-Choupal leverages the Internet to empower small and marginal farmers – who have constitute a majority of the 73% of the inhabitants below the lower income line. Concerns Before eChoupal was presented:

Traditionally, these kinds of commodities were procured in " mandis” (major farming marketing centers in country areas of India), where the middleman used to produce most of the earnings. These middlemen used unscientific and sometimes outright unfair way to judge the standard of the product to set the price. Big difference in price for good quality and inferior quality was less, and therefore there was not any incentive pertaining to the farmers to invest and produce good quality output. With eChoupal, the farmers have got a choice plus the exploitative power of the middleman is neutralised. ICT platform that encourages flow of information and knowledge, and helps market ventures on line. 2. It transfers Information (weather, prices, news),

* That transfers Understanding (farm administration, risk management)

* It facilitates sales of Farm Inputs (screened for quality) and 5. It offers picking out an alternative Output-marketing channel (convenience, lower purchase costs) to the farmer here at his front doorstep * It is an interlocking network of partnerships (ITC & Met Dept + Colleges + Type COs & Sanyojaks, the erstwhile Commission payment Agents) bringing the best-inclass in information, knowledge and advices. e-Choupal is definitely, thus, distributed...