Cultural Associated with Movies, Tv and Video Games Essay


Component One

•You are the information director of a local television set station. The location council just voted to close city theme parks 3 times a week to save money. Meanwhile, a major celebrity features died. The park history has better effect on the viewers, nevertheless the celebrity death will get larger ratings? Which will do you choose your lead account and how come? As a reporter, ratings are very important and my job stability weighs about heavily upon having great network scores, therefore I need to make sure that virtually any story, like a recent celeb death that may be sure to reel in top ratings, receives adequate coverage and publicity. Yet , my initially responsibility is usually to provide the public with the information they need each and every day and tell them of any current incidents that may impact their lives directly so it my moral obligation to create these types of stories a top top priority. I believe I've an ethical duty to structure the story regarding the Town council's decision to close several parks my own lead account because which is story that may have the most important impact on my personal audience.

The principal roles of today's mass media in reports delivery in order to educate and inform their audience regarding any things that may have an impact on their daily lives, to hold them up dated on current events going on all around the world, along with provide a lot of level of entertainment value. With the technological advancements we've acquired over the years, the availablility and delivery methods of the news has undergone various significant improvements over the last 100 years. From the primitive days of acquiring news by means of hand-printed papers, telegram, line or even company pigeon towards the various strategies available today, such as radio, television, internet and social media sites, and mobile for downloading have evolved news media coming from being old to getting true current events. The immediate availability of media has many positive aspects like the fact that it will keep the public conscious of what is going on in...