Evaluate internal perspectives since explanations of Essay

п»їEvaluate mental perspectives since explanations of

Criminal patterns

There are four main psychological perspectives that we looked at. These are the biological perspective, the personality point of view, the learning perspective and the intellectual perspective. Nevertheless I only focused on two of these;

1 ) The natural perspective

2 . The cognitive point of view

Biological perspective

One of the advantages in the biological point of view is that it is objective and therefore it is not up to interpretation it uses scientific methods such as Permanent magnetic Resonance The image (MRI) to scan the brain in order to see the amount of the grey matter inside the brain. An additional is that it includes high validity (when something intend to assess what it says to measure) as you are not as likely to have require characteristics since you cannot manipulate them.

However the drawback to this perspective is that it is very reductionist towards the complexity of the human conduct and sentiment. It reduces our emotions and reactions to robot-like behaviour and ignores factors in our everyday environment. The to support this is when Lombroso a great Italian science tecnistions believed that criminals were primitive and can not adapt to modern morality.

Intellectual perspective

The advantage with the cognitive point of view is that i think at different areas of interest in psychology that can be ignored by simply behaviourism and unlike psychoanalysis and humanism the intellectual perspective investigates them employing more demanding scientific method. It tends to use clinical approach by using laboratory trials as demonstrated in Loftus and Palmer study.

A weakness of this perspective pertains to the validity of computing cognitive procedures. Scientist can only assume what a person is thinking, hence the cognitive perspective rely on self-report measures and observation.

Determinism and freewill

Biological approach

In the biological perspective Sheldon's theory argues that our behaviour is troubled by our body type:

The endomorphic (fat and soft) they have a tendency to be interpersonal and comfortable. Ectomorphic (thin and fragile) these are introverted and controlled. Mesomorphic (muscular and hard) they tend to become aggressive and adventurous.

From this theory it seems that the biological strategy is determinism but it could possibly be argued that Sheldon's theory is not really precise enough. His theory could get into freewill category as well mainly because everyone is able of assigning a crime. No matter what body type you are, you are the own assess.

However Christiansen's theory which in turn looked at how come identical twins don't have to same behaviour once in fact they have the same inherited genes. This theory leans to free can because however the twins are identical that they don't understand the world around them in the same way and therefore they have a diverse perspective on the planet surrounding them. So they will choose in another way, one could decide to commit a crime but his identical dual would find it as something wrong to do since his mind tells him that it is incorrect to make a crime.

Cognitive approach

Barrow and Richardson's theory stated that we have a biased tendency to view others activities in a adverse way, meaning that when somebody make a mistake we automatically have negative thoughts within our minds. This kind of supports the idea of determinism because we may choose to believe negatively toward this particular getting but it can be an automatic reaction that our brain projects when we are caught for the reason that particular situation.

Jean Piaget theory viewed how children think and exactly how their thinking changes as they get older. This kind of theory declines into the freewill category because it is to do with the way we think. In a way it looks at how we choose to think when we are offered a certain situation.

Nature and nurture

The cognitive approach fits into both the nature and foster category. The key reason why I say so is because we all...

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