Evs Research laboratory on Greenhouse Effect Essay


PURPOSE – To investigate how the greenhouse effect runs.


* Usually do not touch the light bulb as it would be warm.

* Deal with all products carefully, particularly the thermometers as well as the test tubes- as these can break. PARAMETERS: -


5. Time periods between every single reading


2. Temperature blood pressure measurements


2. Distance of just one bulb to a different

* Elevation of each light bulb from area


* 2 thermometers (mercury)

2. 1 test tube

5. Clamp stand

* Stopwatch


5. Firstly create the equipment as displayed below

* Make sure the distance plus the height involving the thermometers happen to be kept the same. * Move the light on. Perfectly start your stop watch. Be sure to keep range from the light bulb as it could possibly be hot. 2. After 3 minutes, check the heat readings in both the thermometers and record it within your raw data table. * Keep doing this until you have 10-15 readings.

* Shut off the light


Reading Number| Temperature (Thermometer with check tube )/| Temperature (Thermometer without test tube) /| 1| 25. 2| twenty-four

2| 25. 2| twenty-four

3| 25. 5| 23. 5

4| 25. 6| 24

5| 26| 24. 3

6| 26. 3| 25

7| 26. 8| 25. some

8| twenty six. 8| twenty-five. 7

9| 27. 2| 26

10| 27. 2| 26


About 30 % of the sun rays that beams toward Globe is deflected by the outer atmosphere and scattered back into space. The remainder reaches the planet's area and is reflected upward again as a kind of slow-moving energy called infrared radiation. Temperature travels as a result of radiation and hetas up both the thermometers. But the 1 inside the testtube gets warmed more constantly. This is really because there is air flow trapped within the testtube which usually acts as a heat store. Since the air elements get heated, they absorb the heat and after that slowly provide out in every directions too. in the cas of the thermometer which is in the...