Essay about Flags of the Fathers Book Report AP

Nakiah Gilliam

The fall of 14, 2013

7th Block

Ms. McDonald

Book Record

Flags of the Fathers

Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima was written by James Bradley with all the assistance of Ron Capabilities and designed for young people by Jordan French. This is a nonfiction war new. The story commences with a young man who has fascination of his late dad. Throughout the book he finds out more and more regarding his daddy and the different men whom raised the flag in Iwo Jima.

I feel that Bradley was at fact competent to write this novel. Not merely was one of many flag raisers his daddy but he researched all this information. He gathered qualifications knowledge on every flag raiser. He also gathered maps and pictures to assist the reader appreciate as well as he did. Certainly with Bradley's research and findings due to the amount of evidence he has offered throughout the publication.

This book commences with a well-known war expert, John Bradley. He was known for being one of the males who brought up the American flag upon Iwo Jima. He passed away without sharing with his family members anything about his war lifestyle. His boy, James Bradley, decides he is going to not simply find out about his father's past but likewise about all the (six) guys who helped raise the flag. Their titles are: Steve Bradley, Franklin Sousley, Harlon Block, Ira Hayes, Rene Gagnon, and Mike Strank. He switches into detail within the event that happened those days. He included letters authored by the half a dozen flag raisers to their family members. He followed the lives of the boys after they went home. This individual mentioned the memorabilia of the battle plus the six flag raisers.

The use of flashback makes the examine an amazing endurance. James uses the flashback device to higher describe the times at fight. He uses flashback to help make the reader encounter WWII. There may be so much detail in his publishing it is as if he was generally there himself. Rather than narrating the entire scene he drops you in the account. The use of this product makes the publication bearable and entertaining.

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