French Wave Webquest Essay

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Directions: Make use of the given websites to answer the next questions over a separate document.

The Palace of Versailles

1 . Have a quick tour of the building. How do you think the French people felt regarding the lifestyle of the king and French nobility based on all their view of Versailles?

The Social Agreement and Jean-Jacques Rousseau

2 . Precisely what is the cultural contract theory?

3. What did Rousseau argue should be the 3 goals of government? 4. In Rousseau's mind is a majority constantly right? Why or perhaps you should? 5. How come would John XVI had been threatened by Rousseau?

The Estates Basic Meets 6. Which was the largest Property? Who made up this Property?

7. Who paid almost all of the taxes?

almost eight. Why was the voting approach to the Locations General unjust to the Third Estate?

The Tennis Court Oath 9. Why did another Estate fulfill on a golf court?

10. Looking at the quote by Mounier within the right part of the web page, what did the affiliate pledge to perform? 11. The fact that was the significance of the Tennis Court Oath?

12. Examine the sketch by simply J. M. David for /images/no_image.jpg How does the drawing make you feel? Consider the 3 men in the heart of the image, the person on the table, the lighting, etc . Be particular and explain the significance on this sketch.

The folks Rage

13. What day do the French celebrate their Freedom Day? Precisely what is the name for this day time? 14. What did the folks of Paris, france want in the Bastille?

15. What did they Bastille represent?

16. How performed the people wide open the entrance of the Citadelle?

17. Even though...