G22 health and safety Composition


KNOWLEDGE – Outcome 4

Know how to keep an eye on procedures to soundly control job operations

a. Explain the legal obligations in relation to into the safety for the following:

Business employers responsibilities

Employees duties

Safety for all those employees, risk assessments regularly assessed. Community and nationwide legislation that directly affects your work. Sector codes of practice, rules and requirements for practice and rules of ethics should be regarded and seen. Personal Basic safety, necessary protection checks and procedures, to keep safe. Activities to minimise danger to self when carrying out tasks. Know your very own job position and duties. Be able to function competently through this job position, or get the required support to carry out job effectively.

m. Give the meaning of the following:


Trailing wires, chemicals remaining unattended not any lids, Ear canal not cracked or busted, No loose connections, No exposed wire connections on electric powered equipment, Zero water close to electrical equipment, Risk

Bags kept in walk ways, ergonomic chairs left in walkways, trolley's not in correct placement, Control

Risk evaluation, dealing with potential danger,

c. Details the email lists and reviews available inside the workplace, and state the information they give Lists/reports

Data given

Car accident or Damage

Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences

Date, name of person, people engaged, accident specifics, and accidents sustained in the event that any, action taken, in the event any. Type needs to be authorized and can come to be used being a legal doc for insurance claims.

Just like above.

g. Why is it crucial to evaluate details gained from reports and records at work?

Must assess all important information, to make sure that data is correct and truthful, every filled in appropriately.