First Vehicle accident Essay

My own First Car Accident

First of all, I have to say that I possibly could never imagine how eight seconds of life could change an individual's view on his whole presence. Three several weeks ago my own whole life improved because of one particular drunk new driver. I use a small , two door car, which is called Toyota Celica. This car excellent if you like a pleasant smooth drive with outstanding mileage. That day, I was going north on I-95 through a heavy traffic. My spouse and i stopped while using traffic in an enormous line of cars. I desired to contact my friend, but could not find my cellphone. As it turned out, it was underneath the seat. At the time I appeared in my back view mirror and did find a big SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV) moving really fast inside my direction. It seemed to be heading at least forty-five mls per hour. Just seconds afterwards, that VEHICLE hits me personally in the back of my car. Mere seconds seemed like hours inside that small Celica. The SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV) hit myself so hard - my car turned 180, hitting the car standing in line next to my opinion. " This can be just a poor dream! ", I thought to my do it yourself after starting my eyes. Almost everything around me personally looked fuzzy and fuzzy. The whole experience felt more like a dream following hearing: " Oh my god! Good ride, too bad it acquired hit thus hard". The guy who also said that looked like he was cigarette smoking marijuana because the day having been born. No surprise he was certainly not there if the police finally arrived. One of the most ironic issue was that the sole person that actually asked me if I was ok was your drunk rider of the VEHICLE that struck me. To my shock I was not even mad in the guy. This kind of accident made me realize just how life is crucial and we have to cherish every single moment we have. No one is aware of when it is their time to get but everybody must make sure their life was worth every second they resided. I hope that my personal encounter will make difference for others.