Malaysian Industrial Relations Article




Systems that encourage industrial balance It is pertaining to the dangerous relations among employers and workmen or perhaps employees and the trade union and the prevention and settlement of trade disputes. Concentrate on 3 aspects: – – –

Relationship between workplace and union Employment rules Discipline methods and terminating service deal

Importance of IRGI

One of the crucial aspects in human resource management To create a harmonious connection between workplace and employee To ensure that workers receive reasonable and just treatment and avoid conflicts in organization

Industrial relationships system in Malaysia Made up of three parties/or the tripartite systems: Company – Employees (represented by simply union) – Government Industrial Relations Take action 1967 –use to regulate the relation among employer and employee –

Industrial relations system in Malaysia

Code of Conduct for Industrial Harmony 1975 was brought to maintain unified relation between employer and employee –


You will find 47 concerns covered relating to employer and union tasks, collective negotiating, etc Generally, IR in Malaysia is usually controlled by the federal government.

Definition of Control Union

Section 2, beneath Trade Union Act- " Trade Union is any kind of association or combination of workmen or companies... whose work environment is in West Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak... ”

a. Within any kind of particular business, trade, careers or industrial sectors; and w. Whether permanent or temporary; and


c. Having among their objects more than one of the following: – The regulation of relationships between workmen and companies for the purposes of promoting very good irs among workmen and employers, increasing the working conditions or improving their economic and interpersonal status, or perhaps increasing efficiency; – The regulation of contact between workmen and workmen, or among employers and employers; – The manifestation of both workmen or employers in trade question; – The conducting of.... or dealing with trade union disputes and matters related thereto; or perhaps – The promotion, business or loans of happens or lockouts in any trade or sector or the supply of pay out or additional benefits for its members during a strike or lockout.

Operate Union (TU)

TU Features:

– –



Protecting TU members through collective durability; Economic control mechanism – stand for employees about issues such as salary and employment agreement Support that help employees, including advise and counselling, advantage Input service provider to govt on concerns related to employees

Membership of TU

According to Commercial Relations Take action (Section 5); workkers in Malaysia have the right to kind and become a member of TU –FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION In addition , The Act states that: – – – –

No employer shall prevent a worker via joining a union simply by putting a condition in his agreement of employment; No workplace shall refuse to employ a staff member on the grounds he is a TU member or police officer; No workplace shall discriminate against a worker (for example regarding promotion) within the grounds he is a TU member or officer; and No worker will probably be threatened with dismissal or perhaps dismissed if perhaps he suggests to join a TU, OR if he participates in union activities.

Joining a Union

Every workers over the age of 16 years have the directly to join the right union- one that represents personnel in their control, occupation or industry (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak) –

– – –

Union users under 18 yrs old are limited in their union activities (not entitled to have your vote on matters involving hit, dissolution in the union or perhaps ammendment in the rules in TU) Union members below 21 years of age are not permitted be chosen as officers of the union. Pekerja tua kurang 16 tahun Particular group of staff are limited from joining TU. They are members in the police force, armed forces and penitentiary service.

So why joining SU?

Dissatisfaction with management

– -...