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The effects of challenging behaviour in various environments including a primary college setting

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I would like to find out the effects in challenging conduct in different conditions and the results it has on the child's as well as education. The reason for this studies because difficult behaviour can be not generally picked up from a family member but it can be affected by gizmos (for case in point: in the case of Jamie Bulger, the two boys were influenced by movie Kid's Play or even the shooting during the Batman Most recognized which was likewise influenced with a movie). This kind of research will assist me determine the key issues that relate to for what reason a child may have challenging behaviour and what can be done to aid the child. I am currently studying ED2019 Understanding and Supporting Actions and this component encouraged me personally to do further research on challenging behavior. It is also a personal interest I use finding out regarding children with challenging behavior. The potential users for this exploration may be family members with kids who have challenging behaviour whom may be interested knowing more about this behavior and what can be done to support the youngster. The main three questions I am considering are how challenging actions affects education? How difficult behaviour impacts parents and siblings? And how does the environment affect demanding behaviour? There might be different factors behind why children has demanding behaviour so it is important to check into different aspects in the child's your life.