Essay about Theater Gratitude Study Information

Theatre Understanding Exam three or more Study Guide

Immigrant Theatre

Yiddish-spoken by European Jews

Uses Hebrew alphabet

man cannot dress yourself in woman's apparel. (exception was Purim plays) Theatre snuck into Judaism communities through Purim performs. (Bible stories) -The move to the U. S.

-Russian czars close Yiddish theatres

-Actors move to NYC; 10 Yiddish cinemas in New York alone Features: celebrated Jewish identity with chants/popular tunes -Declined because people stopped speaking Yiddish (assimilation)


-originated from golf clubs in Very little Italy

Features: Recalled family members left behind -invoked homeland (" mama songs" ) -Shakespeare adapted

-Became even more polished with arrival of professional stars

-Offered drama, comedies, plaisanterie, commedia skits, opera, tune and boogie

-helped orient the " greenhorn” to the society

-used NY as backdrop


-Begins with experts (Chinese opera)

Features: coming from San Francisco-goldrush

Also coming from NYC

Take note: There was anti-Chinese sentiment in the play The Chinese Must Go

Latino Theatre

Chicano=Mexican American


Latino=any various other Spanish speaking

Mayan and Aztec theatrical rituals

Realize that they had theatrical rituals

-Missionaries from The country of spain Christianized their very own rituals (made them Catholic) -pastorelas: shepard's plays. A play by a shepard in the way to determine Jesus. The devil tempts the shepard etc -carpas: camping tent shows mix of vaudeville and circus

Politics Theatre

Look at the 8 pages.. oh

What is it? Drama or perhaps performing art which focuses on a poltical issue or issues in its theme or plot. (the weird taking place Mexican outbreak of pleasure in theatre) -Political theatre uses satire. (Satire=exaggeration)


Federal Theater Project (WPA)

Living Newspapers/demise


Bay area Mime Section

Luis Valdez (El Escenario Campesino.. OH YEA!.. aka the farm worker's theatre) -presented short improvised acts: actos

-Agitprop Theatre: combination of frustration...