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A Significant Milestone for Oldtown Group

From a humble beginning of operating a coffee shop in Ipoh, Oldtown Group has come a long way in its business expansion to become among the largest coffee shop chain user in Malaysia, as well as a maker and exporter of coffee and other drinks with a recognised brand name. Oldtown Berhad obtained a monumental milestone if the Company was successfully on the Main Marketplace of Bursa Malaysia about 13 September 2011. The successful listing of the Company can be described as testament and recognition of the Company's accomplishment and provides a very good foundation intended for the Company to scale a whole new level in its organization.




To be Asia Pacific's Leading White Coffee Manufacturer

mission affirmation


We Believe Our People Are The Assets We acknowledge and appreciate each of our people since those who increase with us and for their full dedication. We all value them for their efforts and what exactly they are able to provide the company, hence we constantly provide a program and chances for job growth and enrichment expertise. We progress the passion of delighting each of our consumers in all our ecuries to bring forth the best encounter possible.


We Nurture The Community We could aware and committed to the community consequently we work our business in a manner that would not compromise the wellness of our future generations. We are passionate about our corporate responsibilities and do our far better to provide for the community in different ways, from doing our part for our planet we stay in to providing underprivileged children with better homes. We will not look casually upon each of our social responsibilities as we believe in giving back to the community as part of the effort towards a much better future.


We Delight Our Consumers With this Products Our company is consumer centric and are often focused on customer needs. Consequently we are focused on delighting our consumers using our merchandise offerings, by simply committing ourselves in sourcing the finest elements through ethical ways to provide them with the best quality products. We carry strongly to our origins in order to bring to buyers the genuine experience that they can expect to appreciate.


We all Do The Part in Saving Nature We are attuned with the developing needs to foster our mother earth and to carry out our component in caring for the environment. With this, all of us share and grow the passion and understanding of caring for the environment with our associates and buyers for them to live this along with us within our corporate values.


We Concentrate on Prospering The Investors We could dedicated to growing and increasing the economical rewards of our investors even as see it like a platform intended for our company to continue to provide to the consumers plus the community.



business overview

The business enterprise activities of Oldtown Group can be divided into three wide-ranging categories the following:

Operation of Cafe String

:: Own Coffee shop Outlets*:: Franchised Outlets:: Meals Processing

Developing of coffee and other drinks

:: Instant Caffeine Mix:: Roasting Coffee Natural powder:: Instant Milk Tea Mix:: Instant Candy

Marketing and revenue of coffee and other beverages

:: Instant Espresso Mix:: Roasted...