Essay about Operating System

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CS-3534 Operating System

Job 1

Personal computer & OS Overview

Due Date: Tuesday being unfaithful October 2012

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Q-1What are definitely the two key functions associated with an operating system?

The 2 main function of systems are

To control whole gaming console or computer and manage the resources

also to establish connection between customer and computer.

The resource management function of an OS allocates pc resources including CPU period, main memory, supplementary storage, and input and output products for use. And control every hardware operations as well

The OS determines a standard method of communication among users and the computer systems. It will this by giving a user interface and a regular set of commands that control the hardware.

Q-2 Precisely what is multiprogramming?

Multiprogramming is a technique applied to utilize maximum CPU period by running multiple programs simultanously. It permits a computer to do several things as well. Multiprogramming creates logical parallelism. The concept of multiprogramming is that the os keeps several jobs in storage simultaneously. The operating system picks a job through the job pool and begins executing a job, when that job needs to wait for any i/o procedures the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT is changed to another work. So the key idea this is that the PROCESSOR is never idle.

Q-3What is spooling? Do you consider that advanced personal computers could have spooling being a standard characteristic in the future? spooling is the approach of studying jobs via, for example , by cards, on to the disk, so that when the at present executing processes are finished, the os could weight a new work from the hard drive into the empty partitionfor performance. Yes I do think so since in...