Pearson BTEC Level a few HND Degree in Shuttle bus Essay


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Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Business

Product 3: Organisations and Conduct

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11th 03 2013

next April 2013

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OB1: Traditions and Management Style (1 of 3)

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In this examination you will have a chance to present proof that explains are able to: Process no .


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Understand the romantic relationship between efficiency structure and culture 1 . 1

Compare and contrast several organisational constructions and lifestyle 1

1 . 2

Explain how the relationship among an organisation's structure and culture can easily impact on the performance of a business 1


Understand diverse approaches to management and command 2 . 1

Assess the effectiveness of diverse leadership designs in different organisations 2

installment payments on your 2

Explain just how organisational theory underpins the practice of management two

2 . a few

Assess the different approaches to management used by different organisations 2

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My spouse and i certify which the work published for this job is my own, personal and research sources happen to be fully acknowledged.

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In addition to the over PASS conditions, this job gives you the opportunity to submit facts in order to achieve the following ADVANTAGE and DIFFERENCE grades

Class Descriptor

Indicative characteristic/s


M1 Determine and apply strategies to locate appropriate solutions Effective judgements have been made.

An effective method of study and research has been applied. To attain M1, you are going to make powerful judgements regarding factors impacting organisational constructions and traditions in a organization such as Sound State Technologies Ltd. (Task 1)

M2 Select as well as design and apply suitable methods / techniques Appropriate learning methods/techniques have been used.

To achieve M2, you will have used suitable processes to explore the nature of organisational tradition in two organisations plus the details will have been utilized to inform the presentation as well as the briefing paper for the nonexecutive owners and the older managers of Solid Condition Technologies Limited. (Task 1)

M3 Present and communicate appropriate studies

Communication is acceptable for familiar and not familiar audiences and appropriate media have been utilized. To achieve M3 the work you present will probably be presented in suitable organization formats and will use organization terminology accurately. (Task 2)

D1 Make use of critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions Findings have been arrived at through synthesis of tips and have been validated.

Realistic advancements have been proposed against described characteristics for success. To achieve D1 you will have attracted conclusions which will draw out the backlinks between traditions and managing style and organisational objectives and the influence of the organisations' structure, lifestyle and leadership on organisational performance of businesses. You will provide an evaluation that may suggest just how this knowledge might be of value to senior staff to improve the efficiency at Sturdy State Technologies Ltd. (Tasks 1 & 2)

D2 Take responsibility for controlling and getting activities Activities have been handled.

To achieve D2 you will have shown an effective way of independent study and research and will possess met the deadline to submit the tasks and achieve the machine assessment standards. (Tasks you & 2)

D3 Illustrate convergent /lateral / creative thinking

Please note that for product assignments assessors should use these or perhaps other kopie indicative qualities for the consumer grade descriptors from Spoutnik C from the HN specification or any other relevant indicative characteristics pertaining to the particular job. The indicative...