Essay regarding Price and Core Image

Consumer Patterns

November 8, 2010

Levi's Signature Stretch out

1) Levi's had a big decision to associate the reputation of their particular brand name with the lowest priced denim jeans called their very own " Signature series. " The choice due to their different catalog that they present, as well as their very own competitors' developments and understanding of the top quality of their denim jeans by their buyers.

I think that Levi's was entirely correct in leaving all their brand name on all of their items. The elderly executives of Levi's stated that they had been proud of all of their products, and no better way to mention that then simply putting your brand name directly on the product. And no better way to show off your insufficient confidence in a single of your items than concealing or varying your brand name. In keeping the Levi's Strauss term on their signature collection, it also helps to ensure that their customers are likely to see all their name more often on the shelves, simply because they include above 9%. It is also important that buyers knows what brand they can be buying in the event they enjoy the stretchability of the product, then they may be convinced to try out their very own other goods. 8) I definitely believe there is a core image of Levi's that can survive across the broad variety of prices and outlets that this operates in, provided that they market it correctly. Despite the fact that they sell goods at multiple price items and in multiple locations with varying client behaviors and social classes including on the internet, there is a general core image of their company. I believe this core photo is the two consistency in the stretchiness of their jeans general as well as their particular marketing viewpoint to middle section aged consumers. Once again they must market this kind of properly.