Product Strategy Essay

Product Technique

According to the mobile phone market currently the level of competition is very powerful. Those big companies in the market such as iPhone and Samsung are trying to make their product outstand from other competitors. Therefore , in order for our organization to gain several market share on this market, all of us apply for a product-differentiation strategy.

Product-differentiation strategy makes Exoquip to place a good range between the product and other existing competitor's product. Initial, we separate mainly in term of design& features. We produce our merchandise to be even more convenience. Exoquip allows consumer to wear their particular smartphone on the wrist or perhaps they can merely carry it because same as the regular smartphone. Second, with the several bracelet models, customers may personalize these to match with their own preference. Last but not least, our method focusing on the durability. From your customers, especially athletes and outdoor personnel, the durability of the product is one of the main factors that they usually consider before buying a particular merchandise. So , to be able to satisfy their desired, all of us try to think of the product which has more durability if match up against other competitors.

Our organization is making use of product-differentiation approach because we come across that the level of competitiveness in the smartphone companies are very high. Likewise, we can see the gap of the people existing smartphones still are unable to satisfy some group of the purchasers. Therefore , we bring product-differentiation strategy to generate our product uniqueness and superior from the other competitors. Additionally , because we could the new in this market, to fight with additional competitors, particularly with the well-known brands is very risk for our business.