Essay about Strategic Issues

General Electric (Jess Willson)

" A host of exterior factors impact a business choice of direction and actions and, in the end, its company structure and internal processes” (Pearce and Robinson, 2004). These factors are the base for the forces and trends research. General Electric is a innovator in the technical industry offering new development in lamps, medical tools, power gears and professional products. Their particular vision declaration " creativity at work” tells of just how GE is continually striving to produce new and innovative goods for their company. There are 3 outside factors that have an impact on GENERAL ELECTRIC which are interpersonal, economic and technical.


There are a growing number of utility businesses that are featuring both electrical energy and electrical related providers to try and help their customers lower their energy bills. These solutions that are being offered are a profit to world and include manipulating the demand for energy, reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide aiming to sluggish global warming. The social factors that affect a company " involve the beliefs, values, attitudes, views, and lifestyles of individuals in the firm's external environment, as developed from ethnic, ecological, market, religious, educational, and ethic conditioning”(Pearce and Robinson, 2004). The services which the utility companies are providing these are known as demand-side management programs or perhaps DSM. By making use of DSM applications, it will reduce the amount of electricity getting used by improving the detailed and technical efficiency pertaining to the buyers. There is a direct load control program that handles the timing of electricity through the use of control products at the consumer's site or perhaps by having pricing options for the electrical power that can fluctuate depending on moments of use.

One way that GENERAL ELECTRIC helps consumers is by offering a refund or a low interest loan to pay for the extra expense of energy efficient activities. GE has also been involved with the marketplace...

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