Essay about Rachel Botsman Critique Statement

The Case for Collaborative Consumption

By simply Rachel Botsman

The level of intake is getting larger day by day. People consume products, buy and sell items in a variety of ways. In this presentation named " The truth for Collaborative Consumption”, Rachel Botsman gives us interesting information about a particular type of ingestion. She is a founder with the Collaborative Research laboratory and co-author of the publication What is My own is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Ingestion. She has consulted to many corporations and groups including local government. In the presentation, she tries to convince the audience that collaborative consumption is absolutely powerful and economic push instead of initial trend. She has described the collaboration and evolution with the process well. Given good examples, real-life experience and record information via different industries have made the presentation quite convincing. It will be broadens their horizons. Firstly, she depends on giving the name of the topic and purpose of the presentation in order that it helps the group to figure out what will be stated. In addition , the girl asks a rhetorical question at the beginning of her speech to gather the attention in the audience. This way, participants may prepare themselves to the business presentation. Then, the girl clearly describes the topic collaborative consumption and subtopics. Comparisons between older industry and current one, numbers and statistics coming from websites show the importance of the situation. When the girl wants to move on different subject, she uses very clean transitions with an appropriate punctuation. Thanks to number of signposts, the lady indicates her points successfully. At the end of the presentation, the lady gives a sign and makes her conclusion with an important concept. All information stated in her speech support the main idea. This bottom line part plays a very important role for everybody to comprehend her objective. Rachel Botsman is very comfy in front of the audience and...