Essay about RAY GRAIN

HHS Project #1 Publication Article Review

My document is about the NFL sports player Beam Rice who had been caught on video monitoring beating up his fiancée viscously right up until she chop down unconscious. In the article it explains that sadly, the NFL has dealt with various domestic violence cases as bad since this one. In the criminal case, he can prevent prosecution and a criminal record by completing the pre-trial involvement program. A lot of people who do such an offence wouldn't be provided this option to accomplish instead. A large number of people assume that since he could be professional sportsperson, he is able to go around the justice system in favour intended for himself.

" Janay Rice has been supporting of her husband and criticized his indefinite suspension system by the NFL”. I chose this quote because I found that very stunning that his fiancée that was beaten up by Ray Rice is guarding him and accusing the media so you can get into their personal lives. The girl with probably doing this out of fear from him. This pertains to our Family members in Canada school because it displays us what an damaging relationship is and how the person thinks he is more prominent then the girl.

The main reason why I selected this article was that it amazed me that his fiancée was guarding him after the incident and said the media should certainly leave them by itself. I as well chose that because I am aware this is an everyday issue in professional sports. Occurrences like this happen a couple moments a year and mainly in the NFL. In conclusion this article instructs me that the is a demonstrate lousy instance for information for parents and people.

Class Question: Why do you consider Ray Rice's fiancée defended him after an episode like this?

By simply: Matthew Tomasov