Essay about Religion Society

The fact that religious beliefs seems to have constantly played a crucial role in each and every known society should focus on the idea that religion serves some kind of goal. The various sociological explanations with this purpose happen to be what the truth is. role of faith in contemporary society is definitely a dynamic one. The relationship between equally religion and society is always changing. Faith affects diverse societies in different ways and various forms, leading to the varieties of society to modify according into a change in faith. Religion can be quite a driving force in society, but as a reactionary rather than within a radical approach.

A Functionalist believes that religion is a crucial element which in turn helps contemporary society to function and give guidelines for human conduct. For example faith reinforces the shared beliefs and produces a " group conscience" and value consensus. Religion has become part of the rules in the way that its created text influences the social order of society and suggests the acceptable and unacceptable ways of living. These kinds of rules enable society to bind and agree on laws and regulations, however , this is often criticised because religion provides caused lots of the world's clashes. Functionalists believe that religion stimulates social unification and promotes the dependence on social teams such as the friends and family where people view their particular values while sacred to this religion. However the functionalist procedure can be seen while unfounded; it appears difficult to assume that religion socialises people when so little persons attend cathedral regularly. 

Whereas a Functionalist sees religion as possessing a positive part in world, a Marxists interprets the worship of religion as a type of social control from the dominating ruling school. To a Marxist religion is just an false impression which blinds society from the ideology of the capitalists and helps dull the pain due to the exploitation of people. Karl Marx once said that religious beliefs is the " opium of the people". Opium provides only temporary relief pertaining to suffering...