Essay regarding Report About Liberation Warfare

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Dr . A. H. Meters. Habibur Rahman

Supernumerary Teacher

Office of fund

College or university of Dhaka

Arsha Shamini Huq


Section: B

Department of Finance

University of Dhaka

Dr A. L. M. Habibur Rahman

Supernumerary Professor

Office of Fund

University of Dhaka

Subject matter: Submission of report upon " Interview with a freedom fighter of 1971 ”

I am pleased to post this record on " Interview with a freedom jet fighter of 1971” as a initial requirement of completion of this course of our BBA program.

Over the study, I possess tried together with the best of my own capacity to conciliate as much info as possible.

I would like to thank you for assigning us this sort of a responsibility and helping us on different aspects from the report. I really hope you will appreciate the since work.

Sincerely yours-

Arsha Shamini Huq



It is a great honor for me to submit this kind of report to the respected instructor Dr A. H. M. Habibur Rahman, Supernumerary Teacher, Department of Finance, University or college of Dhaka. I would like to express my honest thanks to the course educator for rendering the proper recommendations and important guidelines to get preparing this report. Training course report can be an essential element of BBA program as one may gather practical knowledge within the short period of your time by attaining information relevant to the subject. Regarding this my record has been established according to a interview of a freedom mma fighter who revealed great brevity during our liberation battle in 1971. This kind of report can experience from various shortcomings, on the other hand I have exerted my ideal efforts in preparing this kind of report. We seek reason for the errors which may have occurred inspite of our greatest efforts.


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Interview of the freedom fighter




Bangladesh became a free country four decades ago after a weakling war. After the separation of India & Pakistan in 1947, Bangladesh connected to Pakistan as the name of " East Pakistan”. Though " East Pakistan” comprised 56% of total human population, It encountered every sort of difference coming from " western Pakistan " authority this sort of as-economic disparities, political difference, military imbalance, language controversy etc . However the Bangladeshis aren't a region to bear injustice for a long time. The moment West Pakistan authority identified that Bangladesh is elevated protest from this, they tried to subdue all of them but in vain. As a result the war out of cash out on 26 March, 1971. In the battle, Bengali army, paramilitary & civilians created the” Mukti Bahini " & employed guerrilla warfare tactics to fight up against the West Pakistan army. Upon 16 December 1971, the Mukti Bahini defeated the Pakistan military services & set up liberated Bangladesh.

In this survey I got an interview of your freedom jet fighter who fought against greatly in the war


This kind of report is essential for the course " Bangladesh studies” (F-105) which is offered by the BBA system below Department of Finance, University or college of Dhaka. Under the direction of our course instructor, this report is prepared with an interview. This kind of report is dependent on the interview of a freedom fighter fought for each of our country four decades ago.

There are many objectives to conduct the report. They are: •To find the proper...