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Draft: on LGBT, Cultural and Legal Factors in India 2

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XYZ wish to know the significance (if any) for any of our employees who have travel to India if they are lgbt. 3 Queries & Answers 3

Q. 1 precisely what is the current rules regarding homosexuals in India? 3 Reason of Section 377 of I. L. C 5

Recent Expansion in the Rules (With mention of the Court's Decision – Excessive court, and Apex Courtroom of India (Supreme Court docket of India)) 6 Q3. If a XYZ employee that is homosexual trips India and engages in homosexual behavior, what would the implications become for them? 25 Q four What is the possibilities of prosecution? In the past, have there been many cases of criminal prosecution? 25 Q 5 Exactly what are the calamite if a XYZ employee was prosecuted (e. g. imprisonment, for how long)? 26 Q6 Since discussed what cultural factors should we also be conscious of? 26 Queen 7 If the XYZ worker is in a civil partnership, would this cause virtually any issues in the event they were to check out India? 27 On Request 27

In addition , if you could you should share with all of us the latest Supreme Courtroom of India judgments with regards to homosexuality, that could be most helpful. 27 Extra 27


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Dear Ms. XYZ,

Draft: about LGBT, Ethnical and Legal Aspects in India

With reference to subject series Research about LGBT in India patronize to our Law practice to evaluate you with the subject, you want to extend the draft judgment confine to specific concerns raised by simply you along with additional cultural factors, which absolutely help you to advice your employee, who are suppose to come in India, and instruct, and help to make they aware about the social and legal aspect in obedience with Of india Law regarding LGBT.


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XYZ would like to know the dimensions of the implications (if any) for virtually any of our workers who go India if they happen to be homosexual.

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Q. you what is the latest law with regards to homosexuals in India?

Please supply a brief brief summary (I love that there is a recent expansion in the rules so it can be difficult to understand specifically what the legislation is and exactly how the law will probably be interpreted)

Ans. В

Homosexuality is punishable under Section 377 of Indian Penal Code 1860, That means in simple words " makes sexual intercourse with persons of same gender punishable by law” The category of Section 377, is important, it is categorized under Part XVI of Accidents Affecting the body,

377. Unnatural offences

Whoever voluntarily has lascivo intercourse up against the order of nature with any gentleman, woman or perhaps animal, shall be punished withВ 152[imprisonment to get life], or with imprisonment of both description to get a term which might extend to ten years, and shall become liable to excellent. Explanation-В Penetration is sufficient to comprise the carnal intercourse essential to the offence described with this section. Procedure


Punishment—Imprisonment for life, or perhaps imprisonment for 10 years and fine Cognizable


Triable by Magistrate of the top notch