Research Essay

п»їPHP is a source, server-side scripting language for building dynamic world wide web applications. In accordance to W3techs April 2011 report, PHP is used by simply 76. 2% of all the websites whose server-side programming terminology is known. Today, PHP is the most popular dynamic language being used on the web, leaving ASP. NET and Java that have simply 22. seven percent and a few. 8% utilization respectively since server side scripting language. 5.

Encouraging appearance, performance and adaptability at affordable prices, PHP is the best choice for some programmers, who also prefer easy programming. Facebook . com is the ultimate proof of PHP's flexibility, strength and scalability. Despite the fact that fresh languages will be being created all the time for fulfilling server scripting needs, PHP continues to be the favorite choice of technology geeks for its easy useful and cross-platform operability. And, it is now fifth most utilized language intended for web app, according to TIOBE Encoding Community Index. **

You will find reasons to why PHP keeps the favorite scripting language to get web developers, the main ones are listed below. A great way to select a terminology for your web project, here is why you should choose PHP: 1 . Stable and Secure: -В PHP is capable of developing strong web applications that are international up to a very large number of users. PHP is stable and secure, powerful enough intended for business-critical applications needing frequent up-time and high protection. In addition , organisations like Zend provide efficiency enhancing equipment for PHP such as sophisticated caching, content compression and code acceleration to enhance scalability even further. installment payments on your Rapid and simple deployment: -В Development of frameworks like Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Symfony and CakePHP provides pushed the php in the right direction. By using a platform, you will be able to avoid wasting time, avert the need of generating repetitive code and can build application quickly as per the customer's certain needs. 3. Cost...