Essay about Rock «N» Rap

Research 12 Ordinary ‘n' Hiphop

Gabriel Gonzalez

Block: four

It costs the company an average of $15, 000 to produce a ordinary CD and an average of $12, 000 to generate a rap DISC. Also, it requires about 18 hours to produce a rock DISC and about twenty-five hours to make a rap COMPACT DISK. The company can pay for to spend approximately $150, 1000 on creation next month. As well, the company can spend by least a hundred seventy five hours in production. The company earns 20 dollars, 000 in profit on each of your rock COMPACT DISK it makes and $30, 000 in profit to each rap COMPACT DISC it makes. But the company recently assured its supplier that it will not release even more rap music than mountain. The company needs to decide how most of each type of CD for making. Note: It can make a portion of a COMPACT DISC next month and handle it another month following. Graph the feasible area. X- # of Ordinary CD's; Y- # of Rap Compact discs *Available Cash: X15+Y12*175

18(0)+25y=175…. 25y=175…175/25=7=y, x=0

18x+25(0)=175…. 18x=175…175/18=9. 7=x, y=0

*X> *Y…(More Ordinary CD's has to be made than Rap CD's)

X=0, y0

a. Find for least three combinations of rock and rap Cd albums that would supply the company money of $120, 000, and mark these types of points in a single color on your graph. (The combinations do not have to be in the feasible area. ) Profit=x20, 000+y30, 000 x=6, y=0

x=0, y=4

x=3, y=2

n. In a distinct color, indicate points with your graph that could earn $240, 000 in profits. x=12, y=0

x=0, y=8

x=9, y=2

x=3, y=6

x=6, y=4

See how many Cd albums the company should make of each type next month to optimize its earnings. It should produce 5 and five ninths of each COMPACT DISK to maximize revenue. I know this because this is a highest reason for the possible region. Make clear how you located an answer to Query 3 and why you believe your answer gives the maximum profit. I understand this because is the greatest point in the feasible region. I it can hard to tell exactly simply by graphing so the problem has to be solved algebraically. I know that...