Industry Research Outline Dissertation

Case Assignment 1: Industry Analysis

Within the past several weeks we've been examining firms' environmental contexts. The purpose of this in-depth analysis is to: 5. understand how to file an industry's systemic profitability (or loss) rate * understand the forces surrounding the industry (based on Avoir analysis) that drive its underlying profitability (or absence thereof) * understand how macro-environmental factors effect the characteristics of the industry * understand how to draw suitable conclusions by industry level data 2. understand how to support conclusions with application of Ch 2 theories and data understand how to sum it up industry info in an informative way.

Your first case analysis is usually to analyze a market to determine its future potential. The format for this assignment is definitely consistent with whatever you might be likely to do on the job. Often , if you are given an assignment, you should present the findings in a concise tonto, documented simply by exhibits which will support the analysis. You then also present your work orally.


Assume you are an analyst (or group of analysts) for a talking to company. While analysts, the boss features asked the team to examine an industry for any client who may be considering foreseeable future investment choices. You don't know what company or companies may be involved or perhaps if this is a potential new competitor. You are just asked to provide an evaluation from the industry, their structure, its profitability, appeal, opportunities and threats, and future prospective customers.


1) Should you be doing this while an individual crafted assignment: MEMO submitted to Turnitin. 2. A business idiota addressed to the professor/your employer (no a lot more than 3 entered pages total –double spaced). This deliverable must be published to " Turnitin. ” Although this can be a tonto, you should report sources of factual data and information that is not common knowledge. * At least 2 without more than your five...