Essay about Short Story and Venn Diagram

August 2026 Activities

Activity One: Initial Reading

Look at the story

Can you make any links towards the poem we have already analyzed?

What are several differences?

Complete a VENN plan using TWO pages of your book:

Close read the brief story with each other

Activity Two: Preliminary Activities

1 . Re-tell the story that you really need words (don't look at the story)- what words and phrases or keyword phrases can you remember?

2 . Read the story again.

3. Summarise the short story in exactly 19 words.

4. Bring a 6 box animation to represent the story- it can be up to you which will factors you select

Today's Inquiries: Answer the subsequent in your book:

1 . How was the residence smart enough to know when should you make meals etc, but not clever enough to know that there were no one right now there? 2 . What role does the dog be in the story? How much does it demonstrate? 3. Just how did the property survive the blast?

four. Why does your dog die of starvation when the story could possibly be about pet survival? your five. Why had not been the dog slain in the boost?

6. For what reason doesn't the home let the doggie in the kitchen?

several. What does " There will come smooth rains mean”?

Complete this table with information that you understand from the tale, and inquiries that you need to understand in order to have an understanding of the story. My own information will there be to act as examples- you put what you understand and need to know in your own 1.


There are not any people inside the story What makes there zero people?

Reveal ideas together- on the plank.

Can you solution any applying evidence through the text?


12EN Groundwork



Your job is to identify:

Find FOUR facts about Bradbury-

What was happening all over the world from WW2 until 1977

to impact Ray Bradbury's writing? Do the events happening around the world at this time influence a sense of technological paranoia? Find FIVE events or important bits of information in the time period above. Explain HOW COME the FIVE chosen situations or crucial facts are Highly relevant to our history. Look at current ideas regarding the END ON THE PLANET occurring this coming year (2012). Discover TWO theories that the universe may end in 2012 oWhat are is definitely the belief? Describe what it is.

oWho believes this? Where on the globe? Which group of people? oWhy carry out they believe this kind of? What ‘proof' have they got?

oAny other information and facts


Answer these questions in the book- make use of evidence from your text for every single question.

1 . What unconventional appliances and qualities does the house have got? Evidence. installment payments on your What were the five spots of paint of?

3. What happened to the people? Data.

4. Exactly what some things the house has been protecting itself coming from? Evidence. a few. What happens to the dog's continues to be? Evidence.

6th. What can you infer the family normally does at 2 . 35?

7. What did the youngsters normally carry out at four. 30? Data.

8. Precisely what is the name of the relatives that occupied the house?

9. What are some things the house really does to try and conserve itself? Data. 10. The fact that was the last words to perish saying? What is the significance?

Go over the answers and tips together.

Are you able to add everything to the VENN diagram coming from earlier?

Revisit the assertions:

Technology is definitely the salvation of mankind

Technology will be the devastation of mankind

In light of reading this story, are the views even now the same and have absolutely they now changed? Justify your overall choice in RELATION to this tale.

Add in at least ONE QUOTE and hyperlink it to your chosen assertion.

Activity Four- LANGUAGE

Present Questions: Solution in your publication:

1 . How come the house make it through a nuclear explosion but is not the branch hitting the window? 2 . How come was the area bombed?

several. Whose point of view is the story told by?

4. How come doesn't the house know the people have gone?

your five. Is the account based on the poem?

six. How can your house survive a big disaster but not a fire?

7. How does technology...