Essay regarding Smoking and Better Place


If I can ban whatever in the world, I would personally ban smoking. Without cigarette smoking, the world is a better place with clean air. The surroundings will not be damaged. The large cigarette smoking death cost will reduce significantly and humans will be able live longer.

Many of us knowВ smokingВ is harmful, even to the people around the person. Long experience of Secondhand smoking kills lives. If smoking cigarettes was banned, nonsmokers more than likely have to undergo a smoker's consequences, living a longer and happier life. A cigarette contains dangerous chemicals that may severely damage your body resulting in lung tumor, horrible breath of air, heart failing and many more illnesses. Without smoking cigarettes, these concerns and side-effects wouldn't exist.

If smoking was banned it could also benefit the environment, producing the world more sustainability and green. The air would be spending waterways fewer polluted. You can forget damaging our planet and eradicating green areas to grow tobacco.

Banning cigarette smoking also means cash will not be squandered on smokes. Despite the pricey price of any nicotine products people still buy them. Money should be applied more smartly, for example: going on a lovely holiday or buying some new outfits. Smoking is definitely an dependency which is hard to control; cigarette smokers have the desperate to want even more. Life will probably be better devoid of smoking since you can make better existence choices with the money, rather than rotting aside on smoking cigarettes.

If smokingВ wasВ banned, there is no more cigarette smokers on each of our streets. Adults who smoking are a awful influence towards young children. The exposure of smoking raises their potential for becoming a cigarette smoker. So once smoking is banned, perception of people would definitely change and society can be a better place. В

Overall, smokingВ is bad for your body; especially for your lungs, banningВ it only will bring us advantages. Money to be used more wisely and the air flow we inhale will be clean. The environment will not be harmed and the smoking...