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Arnab Sinha / September twenty two, 1983 as well as Applying to PhD, Department of Electrical Anatomist, Princeton U.


" Stay starving, stay foolish” Steve Jobs [Commencement Address, Stanford University, 2005]

We first experienced the thrill of pursuing a fervent scientific exploration, when I learned about Prof. Toby Wiles, (who spent eight years in isolation, fixing the toughest riddle of mathematics) in the popular publication - ``The Fermat's Previous Theorem'' simply by Simon Singh, in my sophomore undergraduate season. Since then, the passion to exceed and to improve, has often hosted a hungry and foolish heart and soul in me. My principal research interests are in the fields of CAD to get VLSI, Computer system Architecture and Formal Confirmation. My Educational and Exploration Background Clever problem-solving has always been a method to obtain great fun to me. Mathematics was my favorite subject matter in school. Being a token of appreciation for my hobby activities in mathematics, I had been awarded C. V. Raman scholarship during my highschool days and nights at Ramkrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. My personal confidence was further enhanced when I stood 4th in the Regional Numerical Olympiad in 2001 and was picked to take part in Indian Countrywide Mathematical Olympiad (INMO). It was a great opportunity to study in the Indian Start of Technology, Kharagpur, among the premier anatomist institutes in India, during my desired self-discipline of Computer system Science & Engineering. Ever since I joined up with the department, I have been centered on my scholars which ended in my large CGPA (9. 28/10. 00), and a rank of First inside the department (out of 3 students) and Fifth inside the institute (out of approx . 200 students). My first brush with VLSI was in the summer (May-June) of 2004, when I was selected for any month-long schooling at the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory, IIT Kharagpur. I actually came to find out about the problems of style and verification of intricate digital and analog VLSI circuits and also exposed to the various CAD equipment. In the...