Essay regarding Strategies for Creating Interactive Multi-media


• Strategies for creating interactive multimedia system. • Creating a media project.




Strategies for Creating Interactive Multi-media

• A user can either illustrate the job in tiny details, or can build a less-detailed storyboard and dedicate more hard work in basically rendering the project. • The method selected depends upon the scope of the project, the scale and style from the team, and whether the same people can do design and development. • If the style team is separate from your development crew, it is best to produce a detailed design first. three or more

Designing a Multimedia Job

• Building a multimedia project requires knowledge and skill with computers, skill in graphics, arts, video, and music, and the capacity to conceptualize logical pathways. • Designing requires thinking, deciding on, making, and doing.


Designing a Multimedia Project

• Developing the framework. (flowchart) • Designing the person interface. (storyboard)

Designing the Structure

• The manner through which project material is prepared has just because great a direct effect on the audience as this article itself. • Mapping the structure of the project must be done early in the planning period.




Building the Structure

• Navigation maps are usually known as web page maps. • They help organize the content and communications. • Course-plotting maps provide a hierarchical table of material and a chart with the logical flow of the online interface. • Navigation roadmaps are essentially nonlinear. 7

Designing the Structure

You will find four important organizing set ups:

– Thready - Users navigate sequentially, from one body of information to another.


Developing the Structure

– Hierarchical - Users navigate over the branches of any tree structure that is formed by the all-natural logic with the content. Additionally it is called thready with branching. • Non-linear - Users navigate readily through the articles, unbound simply by predetermined ways.



Designing the Structure

• Composite -- Users may well navigate non-linearly, but are occasionally constrained to linear presentations.

• The navigation system ought to be designed in such a way that viewers are given cost-free choice. • The architectural drawings for a multimedia job are storyboards and nav maps. • Storyboards will be linked to navigation maps throughout the design method, and help to visualise the information buildings. 11 12


Developing the Composition

A user may design their very own product employing two types of structures: – Depth structure - Signifies the complete nav map and describes each of the links among all the aspects of the project. Surface structure - Signifies the constructions actually realized by a consumer while browsing through the interesting depth structure.

Creating the Structure


– Add interactivity to a multi-media project. Three categories of hotspots are text, graphic, and icon. The best hot spots on the net are the text anchors that link a document to other papers.



Designing the Structure

• Hyperlinks - A hotspot that links a viewer to another portion of the same record, a different record, or another Web site is called one of the links. • Image maps -- Larger images that are sectioned into sizzling areas with associated links are called photo maps.

Designing the Composition

• Symbols - Device are important graphic items symbolic of the activity or perhaps concept. • Buttons -- A graphic image which is a hotspot is called a button.



Developing the Framework

• Plug-ins such as Expensive, Shockwave, or perhaps JavaScripts allow users to create plain or animated keys. • Little JPEG or perhaps GIF images that are themselves anchor links can also serve as buttons on the internet. • Featuring a button is among the most common way of distinguishing that. 17

Building the Structure

• It is essential to follow recognized conventions intended for button style and grouping, visual and audio opinions, and course-plotting structure. • Avoid concealed commands and unusual...