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Substantive Procedures - Advantage Irregularities


November twenty four, 2014


This next stage of the auditing process intended for Apollo Shoes and boots Inc. (Apollo) is the building of an examine program, that will detail substantive procedures pertaining to detecting unevenness in the accounts receivable, inventory, and fixed resources audit periods. Fixed Resources

Apollo's irregularities in set assets, provides caused matter for substantive procedures to become designed to audit this circuit. The most common techniques where fixed assets happen to be subject to treatment include reservation fictitious possessions; misrepresenting asset valuation; and improperly capitalizing inventory and startup costs. One of the least complicated methods of the misrepresentation of fixed property is reserving fictitious Property. Booking make believe assets affects account quantites on a provider's balance sheet. This kind of fraud could be overlooked mainly because company resources are often physically found in many different locations. Another scheme can be misrepresenting advantage value. Fixed assets ought to be recorded at cost. If an assets enjoy in benefit, the increase really should not be recognized on the company's economical statements. Economical statement scams involve the reporting of fixed possessions at industry values instead of the lower buy costs, or perhaps at also higher overpriced values with phony value to support them. Companies can also falsely increase the value of set assets simply by failing to record impairments of long-lived assets while required by simply FASB ASC 350. Improperly capitalizing inventory and startup company costs scheme are used by simply fraudsters in order to meet budget requirements. For example , once property are misclassified into standard ledger accounts where they don't belong, this kind of manipulation can easily skew economical ratios that help comply with bank loan covenants or perhaps other asking for requirements. The substantive procedures' checklist that is to be used to discover fixed assets schemes is just as follows: Apollo's financial reports indicate there are areas where deceptive activity may exist. Depreciation of vehicle repairs and painting of Apollo's building is one of the largest region that shows potential deceptive activity. The useful existence of the building is 12-15 years, yet , the maintenance and repainting are becoming amortized three decades, and this presents a huge red flag. These fixes and painting should declined at the same charge as home. Extending the depreciation period, causes profits to be overstated, this is any indicate of fraudulent activity. Inclusion of moving expenses and consulting services in to the cost of the modern computer system is yet another problem that indicates fraudulent activity might exist. Moving expenses and consulting providers should have been reported and recorded when ever incurred. Yet , Apollo added the moving expenses and consulting solutions to the expense of the computer system, which will result in the overstatement of assets and net income. The substantive procedures' checklist that is used to find fixed assets schemes is really as follows: Hypostatic Tests to get Fixed Property Checklist

A. Presentation and Disclosure

[1] Read the monetary statements to be able to verify:

Disclosure of historical price

Disclosure of depreciation methods beneath GAAP

Financial assertion classification

Disclosure of constraints

B. Value or Share

[1]Examine bills

[2]Inspect rent agreements and ascertain the correct accounting treatment (e. g., capital or operating lease). [3]Analyze repairs and repair accounts.

[4]Analyze related built up depreciation accounts.

[5]Vouch entries in set asset accounts.

[6]Test exts and footings on client-submitted schedules

C. Completeness

[1] Perform synthetic procedures

[2] Inspect fixed assets

[3] Examine additional schedules

[4] Reconcile part schedules with general journal control

D. Existence or Occurrence


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