Helen Keller Essay

helen keller

Sue Keller was an American writer and audio. She came to be in Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1880. When ever she was nineteen weeks old your woman became ill and misplaced her eyesight and ability to hear. The doctor didn't know what it absolutely was, so he called this a" traffic jam of the tummy and mind. " Many people say that it absolutely was scarlet fever or meningitis.

When Sue was seven years of age, her family decided to discover a teacher on her. They wrote to Eileen Anagnos, who was the director of the Kendrick Institute and Asylum for the Blind. They asked him to help them find a teacher for their little girl. He published to all of them and informed them that he understood a young instructor and her name was Anne Sullivan. She have been blind, although a series of functions helped refurbished her eye-sight. Anne visited Alabama to live with Helen's family and to teach her. Anne went to experience the Keller family in March, 1887.

Anne helped Helen to learn how to speak with other people. She taught her the names of things simply by writing the text on Helen's hand. Helen's first word was " water". Your woman learned this word when Anne place Helen's side under water and had written W, A, T, At the, R on her behalf hand. In that case she learned the words with this method. Following Helen Keller learned what the letters W-A-T-E-R stood pertaining to, how did Anne Sullivan go about teaching her other words?

To comprehend a new expression, Helen could place her hand softly on one of Annie's hands and she'd feel Annie's finger positions change as Annie spelled individual characters to Sue using the finger spelling technique. Annie could spell the letters extremely fast. So , constant practice produced Helen therefore proficient at interpretation what Annie was spelling, she did not need to experience each notification of a expression, she merely could you know what the word was by obtaining the meaning from the first few characters. Annie cared for Helen as being a hearing kid acquiring dialect. She would little finger spell finish sentences into Helen's hand, and then completed the meaning with gestures and...