Essay about Supercuts’ Industry Segmentation

All of our target market segments happen to be either of yankee, Canadian, English, or Malograr Rican nationality and originate from lower to middle cultural classes.

Part 1: 18-50 years old guys

Supercuts possess identified a lot of target market sectors that will be attacked. The largest marketplace segment (65%1) are man customers outdated between 18 and 5 decades old who want to have a present look at an affordable price in a convenient location. These mainly urban area citizens are usually in rush and usually are too picky with the design of their hair cut. These consumers come towards the salon on average every fourteen days to let their head of hair cut. That they hardly ever buy hair goods from the firm. Estimate of market size: 42. 3 million (32 million for all of us only) Support requirements: Supercuts have reasonable prices and have a whole lot of salons and spas which are found in strip department stores to maximize awareness and comfort. With the firm, no meetings are necessary so a customer will get his frizzy hair done when he provides few minutes of free time. Placement statement: " Quick and fashionable haircut will move you faster on your way to success. ” How to reach the segment:

* Promotion by means of email, news letters

* Advertisements on freeways, in department stores

* Content or adverts in papers, magazines

* Free haircut events inside the malls

* Reference returns

Price sensitivity: Because they are originating from lower or perhaps middle profits category, absolutely free themes could be hypersensitive if the rates rise. Nevertheless , if the company is loyal to all of them and they turn into long-time consumers, they will more than likely remain with Supercuts since to find a fresh good salon would take too much time and effort which unichip don't have.

Segment two: Parents of 3-13 years of age children

Another segment of their target audience would be parents of generally younger children, between 3-13 years old. These parents want to get a cute haircut for their children. They require fast service for good price. They will expect to provide their...