Essay regarding Terrorism and Technology


India and the Usa, the world's two greatest democracies, are vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Because an Indian participant in the workshop stated, " One of the most vulnerable claims are individuals with open communities that put up with dissent. ” So far, India and the United States have experienced rather distinct forms of horror attacks. In spite of the terrorist threat, modern industrial communities have some offsetting advantages. Their very own global intellect services and military occurrence, especially when they cooperate with each other, may maintain the terror networks off harmony, and may have the ability to damage some of them and affect their communications and funds flows. Armed service action, or perhaps the threat of computer, may discourage rogue declares from promoting the terrorists. Nevertheless, extremely efficient financial systems also get vulnerabilities and reduced resilience from the non-public sector's unwillingness to sacrifice efficiency to lessen catastrophic dangers whose chance is challenging to estimated A specific area in which equally India and the United States enjoy impressive capability is analysis and advancement. Through the putting on available or perhaps new technologies, states can make targets fewer vulnerable, hence less eye-catching. They can limit the damage which may result from an attack, raise the speed of recovery, and give forensic tools to identify the perpetrators. However , terrorist sites are led by well-educated and well-financed people who might also enjoy advanced technical abilities. If supported by a govt whose army establishment has evolved weapons of mass devastation, these skills could possibly be greatly increased. Any specialized strategy for responding to the menace of devastating terrorism must address this kind of fact. •fissile nuclear elements, tactical elemental weapons, and radiological supplies •pathological organisms (human, grow, and animal)

•military-type dangerous chemical guns

•inflammable, toxic, and mind blowing chemicals and materials in industrial use •cyberattacks and electromagnetic heart beat (EMP) episodes on electric targets (telecoms, data, or perhaps command and control centers) •transportation devices used while delivery systems for weapons •explosives, both conventional or perhaps derived from gas oil and nitrogen fertilizer (ammonium nitrate), for example Benefits-

•revitalization in the public health assistance for offering the normal wellness needs of communities •technical capability to respond even quicker and more properly to natural biological risks such as Serious Acute Respiratory system Syndrome (SARS), West Nile virus, and monkey pox virus •reduction in the range of illnesses caused by infection or perhaps poisoning of the food supply •more reliable electrical power and other providers, especially in the deal with of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes •further improvements in the safety standards of the chemical industry •reduced incidence of cyber attacks by cyber-terrorist and monetary systems manufactured more secure against theft and malicious harm •more useful and timely tracking of products in flow and billing for their articles •reduced risk to fire, police, and emergency health professionals MITIGATION: THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY

Nuclear and Radiological Threats

If terrorists with a nominal level of clinical knowledge can acquire enough highly enriched uranium (HEU), they may be capable of assemble a great inefficient but effective elemental weapon pertaining to detonation in a major metropolis. The countries are now working together in safeguarding fissile materials and mixing down shares of HEU, but improvement is way too slow. A lot more dangerous is the possible availability to terrorists of completed nuclear weapons either stolen and offered from indivisible states or perhaps provided by dodgy states competent of making them. The public should be educated around the nature of radiological dangers, both coming from Radiation Dispersal Devices (dirty bombs) and from ruined nuclear electrical power plants and radioactive waste materials storage. Community ignorance regarding...