The Bluest Esyes Essay

Latishia Taylor

5th Hour

AP English

The House, the blue eye, the marigolds….

Oh My!

In the story The Bluest Eye, there have been a lot of roles of symbolism. Symbolism is the practice of symbolizing things through symbols or of that attributed symbolic symbolism or value to items, events, or perhaps relationships. It by itself begins one of the many emblems in the new. Seeing the novel uses the single form of the term " eye” to express many of the characters' sad isolation. The symbols through this novel stand for different meanings for each figure. Some of the symbols are the bluest eyes, the house, the marigolds.

The novels begins with a sexual act, beginning with a sentence coming from a Dick-and-Jane narrative: " Here is the house(3). ” The homes through this novel will not only reveal the cultural economic status, but they also represent the emotional situations and values with the characters who have inhabit these people. For instance the Breedlove's local store apartments despicable and outdated, suffering from Mrs. Breedlove's inclination for her employer's home above her individual. This symbolizes the agony of the Breedlove family. Their house lacks confident symbols like the couch staying thought of as a comfort provider or the loving that has been done upon this, a bed being described by somebody giving birth in it. As the family members has an sarcastic name; they actually the total opposing of their term; the couple of household things that they do possess: a ripped sofa, a cold oven, are icons of suffering and destruction rather than of the home.

The Breedlove's flat not only is recognized as ugly prove part nevertheless the community recognizes this likewise. The ugliness of the forgotten storefront as well as its defiance to blend in with the other complexes that encircle it. This symbolizes the hideousness from the Breedlove's history; a story not just about the ugliness they generate but also about the ugliness brought out against them. Just as the storefront has been left behind, they have as well...