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Brian was your brain, the nerd. The peace keeper. He was reserved, lacked self-confidence, very smart but weren't getting any mechanical skill, having been awkward, cultural skills and came from a difficult home in which he was pushed by his father as the best. After falling to generate a lamp he helped bring a style gun to school, his motives were by no means clear in the movies although one may think a poorly organized suicide might have in plan. The fair firearm is what got Brian in detention.


Brian was another circumstance if low self-esteem. The influence of self- concept was strong with Brian Meeks for he had no perception of home. He wasn't able to meet the requirements of his desired do it yourself and was therefore miserable with him self as a person. any advice Brian built throughout the movies met simply by resistant responses, or disruption. Brian was also put through peer pressure. peer pressure is social pressure is social pressure by members of one's peer group to engage in a certain actions, adopt selected values, or perhaps conform to become accepted. He was subjected to expert pressure when he decided to indulge in smoking cannabis with rest of the group.


Brian exhibits expert electrical power when it comes time to publish the required detention essay. The group gives him power to write their paper for them because he is perceived as their the majority of intelligent member. In discussion, Brian plays various repair roles and is also feeling

expresser when the demands the important question come Mon are many of us friends. These kinds of teenager don'ts like or respect their parent greatly one requests my Our god, are we going to be like our parents another inside the group responses when you group up your cardiovascular system dies nevertheless the storm cloud over All their live fantastic the result of rigid high school famille systems.

Whenever you all is able to see they recognized their friendships would not make it through in the genuine would even so as a result of one particular forced day of discussion...