Essay about The Chrysalids

Joely Fisher

Ms. Nuosavas


Friday July 13th, 2012

Flowers Pertaining to Algernon Composition:

Within most books, there are several types of conflicts including the following: person vs person, person versus self and person compared to nature. For example of conflicts in the new " flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. Inside the novel " flowers pertaining to algernon” a conflict that is shown is person compared to person. In the novel the 2 characters with conflict happen to be Charlie Gordon and Rose Gordon. Steve is a thirty-two year old mentally retarded adult who has flashbacks of his bad years as a child due to his mothers negative actions, the girl was not just physically harassing but emotionally and emotionally abusive. Mothers should be caring and supportive and accepting of their children beneath any circumstance. Rose alternatively is certainly not accepting of Charlie's disability aiming to make him normal once he's not and gives him trouble if he can't do something normal people do. " you're a major boy right now. You can pass yourself. Today march right into that bath room and pull your pants down the method i educated you in the event you make inside your pants you will spanked. ” (Keyes-75). Additionally , he also has conflict with Gimpy, an additional employee in Donners food handling business who has always been nice to Charlie although Charlie grabs Gimpy for stealing from your cash register and Charlie makes a decision to are up against him within a polite method to not cause problems but Gimpy takes that in the incorrect way and gets upset and responds to Steve with " I can tell you, you can sorry you stuck your nose in. I always was standing up for you. I should of got my head examined. ” (Keyes-96). In addition , another issue in the novel is person vs home. Charlie incurs some clashes through his journey, just like having a surgical procedure that would alter him and his life totally if it was successful. A surgery that would turn Steve smart like he would like. He himself and the doctors are unaware of the medial side effects or problems he might have to encounter if the medical procedures goes...