Essay regarding The Crucible vs . Japanese people Internment

The Crucible versus Japanese Internment

In January of 1663 mass hysteria broke in the town of Salem, Ma. This hysteria cause whatever we know today as the Salem Witch Trials. Similar to the witch trials, the Japanese American Internment of 1942 was cause by hysteria. The hysteria was caused by dread and violence but repent soon implemented and eventually ended the events brought on by it.

The Salem Witch Studies and Japan Internment had been caused by one particular dangerous factor: fear. Dread can cause individuals to not believe straight and also react in serious conditions. In The Crucible, fear induced Tituba and Abigail the culprit innocent people for consorting with the devil in order to save themselves. This action later evolved in to the whole area being scared of the satan being in their presence. Similarly, after the strike on Arizona memorial many U. S. residents feared one other attack causing distrust of Japanese Americans throughout the region. In quite a few situations, worrying for ones basic safety was one of the factors leading to mass hysteria.

Just like dread, intimidation was another reason intended for hysteria to spread through masses of persons. In equally cases, violence was used to force highly effective leaders to comply with the wishes of the masses. With suspicion of Japanese Americans rising throughout the United States, many citizens wanted japan people gone. Pressures coming from state associates eventually trigger President Roosevelt to require the exclusion and internment of all Western citizens in the West Coast. In the Crucible, when Evaluate Danforth would question Abigail of telling the truth Abigail could intimidate him by accusing him of working with Satan. This induced the evaluate to listen to whatever Abigail said. Both of these situations show that no matter how large or perhaps small the group of people, intimidation can cause also powerful frontrunners to go along with the hysteria.

After all the turmoil the townspeople of Salem and the Japanese people dealt...