Essay regarding The Developing and Growing old Kid

Maria Gonzalez

Ms. Garcia

They would English 9A, Period 6th

17 Aug 2006

The Growing and Maturing Child

Sometimes points happen in someone's existence that can alter them for the best or intended for the a whole lot worse. These things can help the face grow and mature, or make them weakened. In the book " Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson, many situations happen to a young, naïve, scared and adventurous boy called Jim Hawkins. Throughout the tale, he quickly changes into a more mature and independent person, yet still demonstrating some signs of the kid this individual still is. A few of these events will be the passing away of his dad, when he determines to go on trip to seek the treasure, and when he has to escape in the mutinous cutthroat buccaneers to try and save his existence. All these situations help him grow to be a worthy human being. One of the situations that occur to Jim Hawkins that help him expand up and turn more impartial is once his daddy passes away. Today being the man of the family at a age, Rick has to learn how to be more fully developed and self-employed. Even now, losing especially a father is extremely hard to get a family since he provides for them. In a single quote Rick says, " Our all-natural distress, the visits of the neighbors, the arranging in the funeral, and the work with the inn being carried on in the meanwhile stored me thus busy that I had scarcely time to imagine the captain, far less to be afraid of him. ” (Stevenson 27) Seeing that his father's passing, it became just him and his mother running the inn, which will, like he says, leaves him very little time to even think of the chief. In this estimate, " That cowed me personally more than the discomfort, and I began to obey him at once, going for walks straight in at the door and on the parlor, the place that the sick outdated buccaneer was sitting, astonished muddled; perplexed; bewildered; blank; confused with rum, ” (28) shows just how much fright John has as he's afraid the sightless man can hurt him, which instantly makes him obey the man like a kid afraid of a punishment. These events help Jim advance to a more impartial and...