Essay regarding The Postmaster

This is a comparative study of the issue and the theme of separation and relationship between ‘The Postmaster” and ‘The Castaway'. Both have written by Rabindranath Tagore. ‘The Postmaster' since suggested by the title involves the life of the Postmaster wonderful servant called Ratan in a isolated village. ‘The Castaway' revolves around the relationship between a tiny boy Nilkanta who gets separated coming from his theatrical group in a storm and finds comfort and motherly take pleasure in from a woman named Kiran. CONFLICT:

The Postmaster

Although the Postmaster and Ratan had grown quite close, having been lonely in the isolated small town and longed to go back house. He had applied for a transfer but it was rejected. Not able to stay any longer he give up his job. When he shattered the news to Ratan, the girl was emaciated since the girl had fallen in love with him asked him to take her along with him. Amused with this sort of a obtain, he laughed at her not knowing about her feelings for him. The next day, this individual gave her his years' salary being a gift yet she burst out weeping and informed him not really worry about her and leaped away. The Castaway

After his short arrival Nikanta came into existence Kiran's most liked. Shortly after Nilkanta's arrival, Sharat's younger sibling, Satish Shortly after Nilkanta's introduction, Sharat's younger brother, Satish came to dedicate his times with them. Kiran was greatly delighted at finding fresh amusements in the company of Satish. They were of same age group and they put in leisure time in games, amusements, quarrels, fun and even in cry. Nilkanta did start to think that he was neglected and got jealous. Now Sharat and family decided to go back to their very own native place. Kiran directed for Nilkanta and with kind words advised him to go back to his house. His reply was obviously a burst of tears. It was hard to get him to leave her. Seeing him cry, Satish just teased him calling him a deceive. Now Nilkanta's jealousy and anger to Satish manufactured him grab his fine inkstand, which has been in the form of a boat pulled by a...