Essay about southern traditions

Miracle Burton

Doctor Crawford

Drafted Comp. 1


Why the Southern Is So " Southern”

While i stepped from the plane in Tennessee, I actually momentarily halted. I felt like I had practically landed within a different country. Not only was your temperature and scenery a big change, the way people acted changed as well. Southerners have different accents and clothing styles, however the thing that stuck out the most was that persons in the southern region are all with each other more friendly, hospitable and courteous. Staying in the south might make me personally forget how to open doors as everyone will do it to suit your needs. Politeness and good manners abound in the south. Whilst people in Alaska, my home condition, are generally great, their good manners dims in comparison with the Bible belt's. I actually notice the difference everywhere We go. Once i need a thing at a store here in the south, the store's personnel are always willing to help and make sure I are happy. In other places man or women never go the extra mile; you have to search them to be able to help. The bare minimum is definitely acceptable. As opposed, the employees whom work in the south are most often held to a higher standard. Southerners are more ready to accept strangers and hospitable. I cannot count the days that I have already been invited and welcomed in someone's house. The to the south even includes a nice method of insulting persons, " bless his heart. ”

After living in such a unique environment for a while, I have started to ponder why place to place of the same region are drastically different. Looking at different areas of research, We began to recognize a trend. The states included in the south have a whole lot higher percentage of people of the churches that had to pass by it. In fact a Gallup vote reported, " Christians -- the largest faith based group in the country today -- are seriously concentrated in the South and nearby says, while constituting only a minority of residents of Northeastern declares, and of various Middle Ocean and Western states. ” " Us citizens with no religious identity whatsoever tend to be found most frequently in the...

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