Essay about The Mistakenly Convicted

Anya Callier

Ms. Votre Prevost-Groves


08 Come july 1st 2013

The Wrongfully Convicted: Tammy Marquardt Tammy Marquardt, an Ontarian girl, was identified guilty of second degree murder in the fatality of her two-year-old, in 1993. Marquardt, who was twenty one at the time, observed her boy Kenneth Wynne, crying out for her. By the time she got to the crib, her son was tangled in the bedsheets. When the emergency workers had arrived, he previously stop inhaling. Tammy was charged to get smothering her son to death. Her charge was based on evidence of Dr . Charles Johnson, a pathologist, who spoken to his opinion the fact that two year old got smothered or strangled to death. In 1995, the girl was discovered guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2009, Marquardt put in 14 years in prison, and was released in parole. In 2011, the Courtroom of Appeal for Ontario overturned her second-degree homicide convection and called her " a victim of your miscarriage justice”. Dr . Charles Smith, the pathologist that testified in Tammy's trial, said that Kenneth was strangled or suffocated, but another, more recent examination conducted simply by 2 additional doctors with the Hospital to get Sick Children, strongly suggest that the infant perished of an epileptic seizure. Dr . Smith was stripped of his medical license due to profession misconduct and inefficiencies. Due to Doctor Smith getting stripped of his driving licence, the Court of Charm ordered a new trial. Today Tammy Marquardt is still grieving the last of her son, Kenneth Wynne. Also, she actually is looking for her 2 various other sons which were out on with adoption once she was sentence to our lives imprisonment. Performs Cited

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