Essay about Touching the Void

By Touching he Void


Joe Simpson's book " Touching the Void" was publised more than a decade ago; translated in 23 languages and accomplished sales of 500, 000 across all editions. Once Joe Simpson and his good friend Simon Yates decided to go ascending in Siula Grande inside the Peruvian Andes, he more than likely imagine he would caught up inside the most spectacular survival story. Fallen in a crevasse after Yates reductions the rope during a major accident he was still left for dead, but his will to survive was stronger than the possibilities.

Main Personas

Joe Simpson – mountaineer/first climber-optimistic, May well falls, disregarding his calf and rearfoot when he impacts the bottom then simply Simon lower the string which Joe was hanging asuming that Joe will die.

Sue Yates -- mountaineer /climber – 21-ear-old, was confronted with the first of two horrible decisions: should he give up his friend - whom they both knew was as good as lifeless - or try to get him down the hill? Yates hand picked the second option.


In the mid-80's two fresh climbers attemptedto reach the summit of Siula Avismal in Peru; a task that got previously recently been attempted but never achieved. With another man taking care of base camp, Simon and Joe head out to scale the attach in one long push over a number of days. The peak is reached, however on the descent May well falls and breaks his leg. Irrespective of what it means, both the continue with Simon letting Joe from a rope for three hundred meters, after that descending to participate in him and so forth. However when Later on goes out over an overhang with no way of climbing back up, Simon the actual decision to cut the string. Joe falls into a crevice and Bob, assuming him dead, proceeds back down. May well however survives the land and was lucky going to a corner in the crevice. This is the history of how this individual got back down.

A man was on a 21 years old, 000-foot top in the Andes Mountains where a fall broke his calf severely. Later on Simpson fantastic friend, Claire Yates were experienced pile climbers but were not well prepared for this difficult disaster inside the hours...