Essay about Using Technology in Educational institutions

Using Technology in Schools

Melanie L. Hayford

Ivy Tech Community College: Evansville

December 10, 2014

Using Technology in Universities

Most people apply certain kind of technology daily; many jobs need people to make use of a computer or another way to get in touch to the internet. A lot of schools utilize smart boards, iPads, laptop computers, and computer labs to show the children to use the technology properly. Not showing the youngsters how to use the technologies that they can face every single day at home and out of doors the home can lead to failure someday. It is important to view both sides on this issue. It is important to see how much children have to know how to use the technology and exactly how it can help their very own learning method. The Issue

Some instructors do not like to use technology in their class. This is because they can sometimes always be difficult to create. Some professors are also occur their old fashioned ways and don't want to apply the technology. There are many things that the technology can be helpful with, but some people usually do not think that students should utilize them as much as they certainly now. It is vital for the scholars to learn the right way to using the technology they face daily. The Arguments

Not really Using Technology in Universities

There are numerous reason why professors and colleges are not using technology in the classrooms. There are also many individuals who are against using almost any technology in schools. Julia Klaus (2001-2014) stated in her article Adverse Effect of Employing Technology in Today's Classrooms, a few negatives in using technology. Some of these concerns are specialized problems that may take away from class time and several students not any knowing how to use the technology. She also mentioned how the technology can be over used plus the children a large number of not have enough hands-on- time (Klaus, 2001-2014). There are additional issues that happen to be standing in the way of using new-technology in the classroom. In Justin Boyle's (2013) content Technology in their classroom? he explained one of the problems is the educational institutions not having sufficient internet velocity for the teachers to use the online methods, and some school corporations do not having enough money for a technical coordinator(2013). Some other causes that are lifted in this article will be teachers happen to be stuck inside their old ways and do not want to take the time to combine the new technology into the class room, the parents usually do not want the kids using computers all day long in school, and a few schools might find it difficult to restrict content on the devices (Boyle, 2013). Many of these reasons for not really using technology in the university can cause a major problem, but having uneducated children later on can be an even larger problem. Employing Technology in Schools

As society leans increasingly more on technology it is important intended for the youngsters to know using these systems to the most of their capabilities, and to be comfortable using them. To accomplish this it is important for them to start using technology, in moderation, early. With all of the educational game, programs and websites it would be injudicious to not employ these methods to educate the youth. The content School find it difficult to adapt to using classroom technology (2014) outlined some reasons for using technology in the classroom. Using the old strategies of lecture and chalkboard formatting just can not work anymore, since the children are unable to stay focused plus they get bored conveniently. This article as well talked about how teaching the children in the way that they can world functions now is much more beneficial than teaching them in an outdated way (Schools struggle to adapt to using class technology, 2014). This way they can connect all their schooling to their outside lives and they will not really be also completely individual things. The technologies are helping the student participate even more in class by utilizing clickers to answer questions and do polls in real-time (Schools Struggle to Adjust to Using Class room Technology, 2014). This is helping there being more dialogue...

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